Our Story


We are Chip and Tony – two friends who have always had a shared passion for the ocean. We both grew up on the water and have traveled the world in awe of the wonder that is Planet Ocean. But we’ve also witnessed the negative effect human actions and plastic pollution have taken on the water, beaches and sea life. We wanted to make a difference, so we started DevOcean® to help create a wave of change. DevOcean is a Think Before Extinct brand. 

About DevOcean.  

We're all about the love, loyalty, AND enthusiasm for the ocean. The ocean is a living, breathing entity which we all enjoy. And, because of this, it is our duty to protect it and all that live in it.

One Purchase = One Pound Removed.

We partner with Ocean Blue Project, a non-profit organization whose mission is to protect the world's oceans, coastal waterways, and rivers through cleanups. DevOcean collaborates with and makes a donation to the Ocean Blue Project to help further their efforts in our shared mission. We remove one pound of trash for every purchase. 

Join the fight.

Through apparel and accessory sales, we are raising money for beach and ocean clean ups, and we’re raising awareness about the simple things we can all do to enjoy and protect the ocean for generations to come.   

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Think about your daily habits and how they affect the environment, think about what changes you can make, and most importantly, Think Before Extinct.