Our Printing Methods and Shipping Materials

We aim to make the printing itself as eco-friendly as possible.

Our Printing Method

We use Direct-to-garmet printing (DTG). DTG printing is more sustainable than older apparel printing methods, such as screen printing. Not only does screen printing use a lot of water and plastisol inks that don’t biodegrade, but it’s also tended towards bulk orders which can lead to overproduction. In comparison, DTG printing is more eco-friendly because items get printed only when there’s already a customer for them. 

The inks we use for printing are water-based and free of harmful chemicals. The printers we use produce almost zero wastewater and use less energy, lowering our carbon footprint.

Our Shipping Materials

We are trying to work with our vendors to provide more eco-friendly packaging. As we grow and improve our goal is to be 100% eco-friendly. In the meantime, please recycle the packaging.

The poly bags used in our packaging are recyclable, low-density polyethylene, FDA and USDA compliant.  The kraft tubes are made from 70-100% post-consumer recycled content and 0-30% secondary recycled content.