(COVID) Summer of 2020 Bucket List

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(COVID) Summer of 2020 Bucket List

Ways to make the most of your summer while still being safe

If you’re like me (and the rest of the world), the past few months have really tested your patience and staying power.  Who is ready to SCREAM?  I deeply empathize with those that have been affected.

As we start to see the stay at home orders loosen (and some lifted), I wanted to share some fun things you can add to your summer 2020 bucket list.  Ideas to keep your spirits up, stay safe and make the most of your summer. 

Day Trips

Travel has been all but non-existent these last few months, and as states start easing restrictions and opening back up, now is a great time to plan a day trip.  Always had that one place near you that you have wanted to try but never really got around to it?  A quick google search can find hidden regional gems.  Check out Fodors Travel for a list of their 20 best day trips in the US.  USA Today published a great article on finding the perfect day trip from anywhere.

Backyard Camping

Was your recent camping trip cancelled?  Never camped but always wanted to try?  Your backyard is the place to be this summer.  Pitch a tent, build a campfire and break out the ghost stories and s’mores. Need a little friendly family competition?  Check out this blog from Happy DIY Home on the best Giant Jenga Games.  Kids love sleeping in a tent (remember those forts you would build inside as a kid) no matter where it is.

New Hobby

With more time at home, this is perfect for finding your new hobby.  From fishing to photography, biking to birding; this summer is THE summer you explore the new things you’ve always wanted to try. Here is a list of 100+ hobbies to try in 2020.  Check back next week to find out where you can learn to surf this summer.

Travel the world through cooking

Become a world traveler, through your kitchen.  Each week pick a new region and cook a meal from that area.  Pinterest can be your best friend here as you search for the perfect recipe.  Small, safe gatherings of friends and family will only enhance these weekly “travels”.

Learn a new language

Had a trip planned to a far off destination this year?  You can still dive in to their culture and learn the language, then plan the trip next year.  You will have an even better time now that you are fluent in the language.  You can do an online search for free and low cost resources, or check with your local library. 

Hopefully this will get you started on your summer bucket list.  We want to hear what you have planned. Share your comments here.  Need the perfect beach summer shirt?  Try our new Big Wave Collection or the DevOcean line.

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