Buy a Shirt; Clean up the Beach!

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Buy a Shirt; Clean up the Beach!

As part of our commitment to giving back to organizations that fight for our oceans, beaches and marine life, we have partnered with Ocean Blue Project;  a grassroots community environment nonprofit movement who’s mission is to rehabilitate and conserve the world’s oceans, beaches, and rivers through beach and river cleanups, finding solutions to keep pollutants from entering ecosystems & through collaborative community-driven service learning projects & youth education. 

Founded in 2012 in Newport, Oregon by Richard Arterbury and his son Fleet, Ocean Blue is built around the vision that the world’s ocean, beaches and rivers will once again be pristine, self-sustaining ecosystems where wildlife and human communities can coexist and otherwise thrive.

Since their inception, the team has removed over 173,000 pounds of trash from the coasts and riverbanks and have planted almost 9,000 native trees and shrubs.  Their goal is to remove 1 million pounds of trash and plant 1 million native trees and shrubs by 2025.

So how can you help?  When you purchase a shirt from DevOcean, we make a donation to Ocean Blue Project to remove 1 pound of garbage.  Each sale gets them closer to their 1 million pound goal.  Check out our Big Wave series or DevOcean Turtle shirt today and help clean our beaches.


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